THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE DISCLAIMER, is a corporation organized under the laws of the Country of Dominican Republic. These Rules govern the raffle and, by purchasing a raffle ticket, you agree to be bound by these Rules.

1. You must be 18 years of age or older and must qualify under the Dominican Republic law to purchase a raffle ticket and participate in this raffle.

2. The purchase price for one raffle ticket is $1.00. If an entrant’s debit or credit card is dishonored by the bank or credit card company, the entry ticket will be invalid unless full payment is prior to the time the raffle closes.

3. Unlimited amount of tickets will be sold. Any money turned in after the raffle closes will be returned to the entrant. Original Raffle ticket is required to redeem the prize.

4. Tickets are played by Names not y Numbers.

5. The Winner will be determined by random drawing. The drawing will take place on the date specified on THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE’s Homepage. Winner will be notified by telephone or/and e-mail or/and mail. A valid picture ID of raffle purchaser is required to claim the prize.

6. Winner will assume and be responsible for all additional fees on credit card payments when purchasing tickets.

7. Purchasers of the raffle tickets must legibly write their full names, addresses and telephone numbers on each registration form. If the same exact name has multiple entries because the same person has been playing and purchasing multiple tickets, this will then be registered multiple times in our registries and Player has multiple chances of winning. THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE shall, will and can have no obligation for payment or delivery of any prize to any person other than the entrant.

8. The winner of the raffle must claim the prize within 30 days of the drawing. If the winner does not claim the prize within 30 days of the drawing, the prize will be forfeited and proceeds will go to the THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE SOS program fund.

9. Any drawing may be postponed due to weather or any state of emergency declared by state or county local authorities. In such event, a new date, place and time for the drawing will be determined by THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE, which will be published on the following website: www.thegrandhoperaffle.com

10. THE GRAND HOPE RAFFLE further reserves the right to confiscate and retain any Raffle Tickets suspected of being invalid. In no event will the GRAND HOPE RAFFLE award more than one (1) prize. Should an error result in multiple winning Raffle Ticket then new drawings should be instantly repeated again.

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